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Sculpture is a course taught by Thomas Sakoulas at the State University of New York at Oneonta.

This course is an exploration of the sculptural process and this site is designed as an auxiliary tool for the students participating in this class.


Work from previous sculpture classes with professor Sakoulas. Work in various material like steel, stone, mixed media, casting, etc.


A Photo Album
of the
studio experience

Dive in at your own risk to see students at work.



I instructions on various tools and techniques that we use in the sculpture studios:


Information and resources pertaining to the sculpture facilities, the studios, the policies, and the tools available.

sculpture processes
Illustrated demonstrations

from the SUNY Oneonta Sculpture studios

These are the most common materials and techniques used in our studio. It includes picturs and explanations on carving, casting, and construction.

Lost Wax Metal Casting

Making a Face Mold

Casting Body Parts

Casting (two-part mold)

Plaster Construction


Stone Carving

Stone Cutting

Stone Splitting



Sculpture through History

• Sculpture A Historical Perspective

The Figure in Sculpture through time


Creation Processes and Techniques:

Casting | Environmental Art | Installation Art | Kinetic Art | Metal Fabrication | Mixed Media and Found Object| Performance Art | Stone Carving | Wood Carving |



Ancient Greece
History, art, and architecture of Ancient Greece with many pictures and essays. Created by Thomás Sakoulas

Venice Biennale 2011 (Illuminations)
Thomás visited one of the biggesr Contemporary Art shows in the world, the Venice Biennale, in 2011 and this is a collection of photographs of the various pavilions and exhibitions.

I guess I expect more from this museum (especially more and better quality images), but what the heck, it is worth an actual trip to Paris.

Museums in New York City
A guide to all the museums in NYC from

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY
Also a bit stingy on images, but it offers comprehensive information that could be invaluable to a visitor. Don't miss the New Greek Gallery.

Museum of Modern Art, NY
Beautifully constructed web site with tons of information arranged in an easy to navigate manner. Worth a trip to the web site, and a trip to New York.

Smithsonian Institution
Holy cow! Designed to reflect the vastness of the actual site in Washington DC, now in an effective frames layout. Grab some coffee and lunch before you start surfing.

Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden
Part of the Smithsonian Institution.

Solomon Guggenheim museum, NY
Pretty cool, but if you don't have a 17" monitor, good luck trying to reach those off the screen images (or you can play the "find the alternative link" game).


Artists and Art (Alphabetical)

Aconci, Vito

Arnold, Walter sculptor/stone carver

Barry, Robert

Benglis, Linda

Burren, Daniel

Calberg, Norman
Wickipedia - images
(Norman Calberg was Thomás Sakoulas' director, and mentor
at the Maryland Institute College of Art)

Caro, Anthony

Chicago, Judy

Cragg, Tony

Deacon, Richard

Fleury, Sylvie

Gober, Robert

Gormley, Anthony

Haacke, Hans

Heizer, Michael

Hesse, Eva

Hirst, Damien

Holzer, Jenny

Isherwood, Jon

Judd, Donald

Kabakov, Ilya

Kapoor, Anish [2] [Marsyas][Telegraph]

Kaprow, Allan Read: "Art that can't be Art" (pdf)

Kiefer, Anselm

Kingelez, Bodys Isek

Koons, Jeff

Long, Richard

Lucas, Sarah

Merz, Mario

Metzel, Olaf

Miss, Marry

Misuya, Toshihiko (Aluminum Foil Sculptures)

Morris, Robert

Mucha, Reinhard

Oursler, Tony

Pitz, Herman

Quinn, Marc

Rinaldo, Ken : Robotic/interactive art

Scalin, Noah

Scarpitta, Salvatore - 2 - 3 -
Sal was the Artist in Residence at the Maryland Institute, College of Art when Thomás Sakoulas was doing his graduate work there. Thomás worked as Sal Scarpitta's assistant in 1996.
An interview with Ivan Karp (Sal Scarpitta's is mentioned)

Scheemann, Carolee (performance art)

Serra, Richard

Smith, Kiki

Smithson, Robert

Snelson, Keneth

Steinbach, Haim

Stockholder, Jessica

Stratou, Danae (some earth works in "projects" - look for "Desert Breath")

Survival Research Laboratories

Szapocznikow, Alina (bio)

Vital, Not

Whiteread, Rachel

Winsor, Jackie

Wodiczko, Krzysztof

Woodrow, Bill

Wululu, Jimmy

Yanobe, Kenji




Vendors (local and more)
Essential reading and viewing.
Here you will find support materials for the completion of the assignments


Art WWW Resources & Resources for Sculptors

Mark Harden's Artchive
one of the most comprehensive collections of Art images on the web. Hundreds of good quality photos and a very intuitive interface. Arranged by artist's name but also grouped by major art movements.

The Web Museum
Good Art History images. Sorted by artist and theme

Web Museum, Paris
THE web museum. Features regular exhibitions, and great collection of Art links arranged by country.

World Wide arts Resources
Extensive Art resources in a somewhat difficult interface. You find some real treasures if you poke around long enough. It even sports an "Arts Search Engine".

Social newtorking for the metal arts.


Materials, Techniques and Technical WWW Resources

Eastern Marble and Granite Supply
Stone working supplies with little information on available supplies

engineering fundamentals. Much basic information on materials and techniques

Body Casting Videos and Photo
A comprehensive list of resources for woodcarving sculptors

Wood Power Tools
Information, guides and uses of woodworking power tools



Arc Welding
instructions on everything about welding. From Lincoln

Mig Welding Videos
Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, are most useful. The site is a mess, but the videos are very helpful.

How Gear Ratios Work
Article and animations of gears

How Iron and Steel Work
Information on Iron & Steel production

Millermatic 250X
Specsheets for Miller MIG welder (PDF)

Periodic Table of Elements From the Los Alamos National Laboratory, where they probably create some new ones every once in a while (most only live a few nanoseconds though, and they are not suitable for sculpture).

Plasma Cutting
The process from Hypertherm

MIG Welding, the DYI guide
Nice, illustrated guides to MIG and Arc welding.

Stone World Magazine
Has a searchable Online buyers guide and directory.

Welding Dictionary
From Miller

How to Make a Stone Sphere
Instructions from the Center of Rocks and Minerals

Stone-carving health and safety issues



Digital 3D Resources

(click the "galleries")
VFXPro: The Jobs
3D Spatial Models of Great Buildings



Ocupationl Safety & Health Administration



Symmetry and Pattern, the art of Oriental carpets
From the Textile Museum in Washington DC. Beautiful pages and lots of useful information on patterns and symmetry by one of the experts on the field: my good friend and director of the museum, Carol Bier.

Some work by Ted Green and Thomas
Research work on digital and phsyical sculpture made possible with a modest grant from the Senate Committee on Research. Made possible with a grant by the Senate committee on Reseaarch.