Here are some websites I've found useful, but there are many, many more out there-- anyone is welcome to send me suggestions for updating this list!

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For practice:

Open University: Spanish Language-- A very thorough collection of free Spanish language-learning and teaching websites, including some of the following. Thanks, Ms Ward and Abby!

Spanish Grammar Exercises (Colby)-- Really extraordinarily well done self-check grammar exercises, covering all the verb tenses and other topics, too.

Spanish Language Exercises (Ursinus)-- Also very well done set of self-check grammar exercises, covering a wide range of basic topics. Click on menus at the left to go to explanations and exercise links will be to the left.

Al Corriente- Spanish Internet Guide-- This site has very nice reading selections, with pre-reading and comprehension exercises, very good for intermediate students, or for anyone interested in exploring the cultural topics they cover.

Gramática Castellana-- This site is all in Spanish, very good for advanced students. Has a good page on accent rules: Reglas de acentuación en español

For investigation:

WWW Virtual Library-- Latin American Studies-- This site contains links to sites having to do with Latin America, including newspapers, magazines, sites about cooking, culture, history, you name it, not all in Spanish.

Enciclonet-- This site has current-interest articles on its home page as well as a substantial encyclopedia with information on historical, geographical and cultural topics.

¡EspañOlé!-- an online resource for students and teachers, with links to all kinds of cultural and educational materials for Spanish.

Centro Virtual Cervantes-- A cultural site maintained by the Instituto Cervantes, one of Spain's most important cultural organizations. Site has cultural articles, language practice, and reference material.

For news:

iWorld, La Revista de Internet-- Internet magazine on technology and business, all in Spanish.

Noticias de Ciencia y Tecnología-- The latest news from the world of science, all in Spanish.

El País-- One of Madrid's daily newspapers. Of special interest are the cartoons-viñetas on the Opinión page, and their frequent in-depth Tema sections developing particular themes. You can also try El Mundo, another important Spanish newspaper.

El Nuevo Día Interactivo-- News from San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Or you could go to news from just about any other Spanish-speaking country, through the WWW Virtual Library-- Latin American Studies site, listed above. For many news organizations in big cities, you can link to live radio and tv broadcasts through their websites.

Dr. Small's idea of fun on the Internet:

El Chiste del día-- The joke of the day, in Spanish.

ELFENOMENO.COM-- Dedicated to El Señor de los Anillos, The Lord of the Rings. Has great cartoons by clicking on the "Fenómenos" section and then the "Humor" link in the menu at the left, and don't miss the jokes by categories there too!

BEM magazine online-- One of the best Spanish science fiction magazines now only online. Has news in many categories (science, science fiction, organizations, films...), and other features, including science fiction stories written in Spanish.

El Museo del Prado-- The Prado Museum in Madrid, with a great virtual tour under "visitas."

El Centro de Arte Reina Sofia-- Spain's national museum of modern art, where Picasso's "Guernica" is displayed. Has a virtual tour by clicking on "la colección" and then through "acceso" to a tour by floors, rooms and artists.

The Great Buildings Collection-- not just for Hispanic architecture, but you can search by country, city, or architect. Has photos for most buildings, and good reference bibliographies.

Frases CÚlebres-- a collection of famous quotes in Spanish.

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