Hannah Cooper Monument - Morris, New York


  For thee, sweet maid!
Resplendent beams of thought,
     Wisdoms rich love,
By Seraphs hands, were given,
     Thy spotless soul
Thy pure effulgence caught,
It sparkled, was exhaled -
   And went to Heaven.

         Twas thine
To animate life's swift career,
    Mild, modest, artl ess,
       Inocently gay.
Twas there to fill an higher
      Nobler sphere
    With sainted spirits
    In the realms of day
     Thy native word
With diamond pen enroll'd
  Beyond this sculptured
    Monument shall live
       And Charity
    of fair ethereal world
    A lasting tribute
To Thy memory give.

 The sculptured marble
  The recording tomb ,
 Shall mould'ring perish
    In the hand of time,
   Thy weeping friends,
Be gathered to their home,
    and memory cease
     To mark thy shrine.

     The sculptured marble
  The recording tomb,
 Shall mould'ring perish
    In the hand of time,
   Thy weeping friends,
Be gathered to their home,
    and memory cease
     To mark thy shrine.

       Some hoary moss,
Some drooping willow'd shade,
         Or decent sod,
   Or still more humble drift,
        Shall guard the spot
   &n bsp;   Where thou art laid,
               In long
     Oblivious silence lost.

    Yet shall thy virtues
   Thou dear sainted maid,
    By friends transmitted
    Thro' succeeding years;
     Be still remembered
    Till e'en time shall fade,
    When thou released
    From mortal cares,
   Shall live triumphant
      In a happier world.

  Sacred to the Memory of
  Miss Hannah Cooper, Daughter
  of the Hon'ble William Cooper
    and Elizabeth, his Wife.
In the bloom of youth, in perfect
health, and surrounded with her
 On the 10th day of Septem' 1800
She was instantly translated from
              this world
 Thrown from her horse on the Spot
 on which this monument is erected
    &nbs p;   Sensible, gentle, amiable
In life beloved and in death lamented
         By all who knew her
Unconscious of her own perfections
She was a stranger to all ambition
      but that of doing good.

          By her death
The tender joys of an affectionate
father, The fond exp ectations of
       a delighted mother
   In an instant were blasted.

        Passenger Stop!
    And for a moment reflect
That neither accomplishments of
  Nor great improvement of mind
Nor yet greater goodness of heart,
  Can arrest the hand of death
  But she was prepared for that
immortality in which she believed
   And of which she was worthy.
    This monument is erected
by a friend; This day of January

Memorial to Hannah Cooper
  located on NYS Route 51
two miles south of Morris, NY
The above text is carved in the
sculptured marble monument which
takes the shape of a single pillar
     supporting a large urn.
   This page and the transcription updated 12/1/2000 by Bob Thomas.