Chapter 2

  Periodic Table  

  Coulomb's Law

  Names and Formulas of Ionic Compounds

Chapter 3

  Compounds, Molecules, and Moles
  Limiting Reactants

Chapter 4

  Acid Ionization

  Solubility of Ionic Compounds  
  The pH Scale

Chapter 5

  Calorimetry Measuring Heats of Reaction
  Heat Transfer Between Substances
  Hess's Law
  Specific Heat Capacity

Chapter 6

  Atomic Absorbtion and Emission
  Planck's Equation

Chapter 7

  Atomic Electron Configurations
  Electron Configurations of Ions
  Atomic Orbital Energies
  Effective Nuclear Charge, Z*
  Electron Configurations 1
  Paramagnetic and Diamagnetic Atoms
  Sizes of Atoms and Ions

Chapter 8

  Bond Energy and Delta H of Reaction
  Determining Electron Pair Geometry
  Determining Molecular Polarity
  Determining Molecular Shapes 1
  Determining Molecular Shapes 2
  Drawing Lewis Structures 1
  Drawing Lewis Structures 2
  Resonance Structures

Chapter 9

  Metallic Bonding: Band Theory
  Molecular Orbital Diagrams of Homonuclear Diatomic Species
  Molecular Fluxionality
  Molecular Orbital Theory
  Predicting Paramagnetism in Molecules

Chapter Organic

  Addition Reactions of Alkenes
  Nomenclature of Alkanes

Chapter 10

  Distribution of Molecular Speeds
  Gas Density
  The Ideal Gas Law
  Kinetic Molecular Theory

Chapter 11

  Boiling Points of Simple Organic Compounds
  The Classium-Clapyron Equation
  Vapor Pressure of Liquids
  Vapor Pressure

Chapter 12


Chapter 13

  Concentration Dependence of Reaction Rates
  Determining The Rate Equation: Graphical Method
  Reaction Coordinate Diagrams
  Temperature Dependence of Reaction Rates
  The Arrheius Equation

Chapter 15

  Chromatography and Equilibrium
  Disturbing a Chemical Equilibrium
  Equilibria and Volume
  The Meaning of the Equilibrium Constant
  Equilibrium Constant Expressions
  Equilibrium Expressions
  The Equilibrium State

Chapter 16

  Acid-Base Properties of Water
  Acid-Base Reactions
  The pH Scale

Chapter 17

  Buffer Solutions
  The Common Ion Effect
  Common Ion Effect in Acid-Base Systems
  pH of Buffer Solutions
  Precipitation Reaction Systems
  Preparing Buffer Solutions
  Solubility and pH
  Solubility  Product Constant
  pH Titration Curves

Chapter 18

  Free Energy and Temperature
  The Second Law of Thermodynamics
  Thermodynamics and the Equilibrium Constant

Chapter 19

  Standard Potentials

Chapter 20

  Binding Energy
  Radioactive Decay
  Stability of Isotopes