ANTH 140  Introduction to Archaeology

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Course Objectives


Archaeology is the study of ancient human cultures using material remains to reconstruct past lifeways.  These cultures are studied using the approaches, theories, and techniques of archaeology.  In this introduction to archaeology, we will examine three aspects of the subject.  First, the history, methods and theories of archaeology will be discussed.  Second, we will look at the prehistory of the Old World, where culture evolved and developed.  Finally, we will outline the prehistory of the New World, where Native Americans developed complex civilizations that paralleled those of the Old World.  At the end of the course, students will have a deeper understanding of their own past and how we know about it through the application of the scientific method. 


This course satisfies the social sciences (S2) general education attribute.  To satisfy the S2 attribute, students will demonstrate an understanding of the methods scientists used to explore social phenomena, including observation, hypothesis development, measurement and data collection, experimentation, evaluation of evidence, and employment of mathematical and interpretive analysis; and knowledge of major concepts, models and issues of a least one discipline in the social sciences.




Exams: Your grade is based on your performance on four exams during the semester (each worth 100 points).  The exams will be multiple choice, true false and short answer.  Each exam (including the final) covers lecture, film, discussion, course readings, and materials assigned since the last exam. 


Library Research: A short library research assignment will be based on finding three peer-review journal articles on a topic in archaeology that is of your choosing and summarizing the information in those articles (25 points).  If you need some ideas for a topic, come see me.


Movie Summary:  You will complete three 300-word summaries of the movies that we will see this semester.  These reviews should be typed, single-spaced and should be submitted the next class day after we view the movie. 


Total Points:





Four Exams



Library Research 25 25
Movie Summaries 25 75





Your grade for the course will be determined by the total number of points you earn:



470 - 500 points =


400 - 419 points =


335 - 349 points =


450 - 469 points =


385 - 399 points =


320 - 334 points =


435 - 449 points =


370 - 384 points =


300 - 319 points =


420 - 434 points =


350 - 369 points =


0 Ė 299 points =



Course Materials


Chazan, Michael (2008) World Prehistory and Archaeology.  Allyn and Bacon, Boston.


Course Web Page


The course web page is  The same materials that are on this syllabus can be accessed via this web page.  In addition, the course schedule section of the web page has all of the lecture notes linked and can be accessed as long as you have Microsoft Powerpoint on your computer (all of the campus computers have this program).  You can print out the lecture notes for your records by going to file/print/print outline.


You can also access materials and grades via Angel.  The drop boxes for the short assignments will also be in Angel.

Attendance Policy

    Attendance will be taken every day. Attendance is used in resolving borderline grades. If you are absent because of illness or family/personal problems, please let me know. Keep in mind that you are still responsible for the material that was covered.


Classroom Etiquette



Other Important Information