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Course Description:
This course explores the spatial expression and persistence of the processes which generate and perpetuate underdevelopment.  The course begins by analyzing theories of sustainable development.  Key paradigms in sustainable development are used to organize the course: colonialism, economic theory, industrialization, measures of development (Human Development Index and others), strategies of sustainable development, environmental sustainability, and globalization.  Upon establishing a foundation, developing countries and  regions of the world are identified and investigated.  Regions range in place and scale from Appalachia to Africa.  Multiple case studies that address important pitfalls and advances in development such as demography, geo-politics, agriculture and rural landscapes, urbanization, mining, industry, transportation, and technology are considered.  A consistent theme woven throughout the course is that of resources and the environment. Countries that seek to develop at the cost of the environment are not sustainable.  This is a unique opportunity for students to become involved in the pursuit of global higher living standards, improved health, poverty abatement, and environmental preservation. Ultimately, the goal of development is to provide all citizens in all countries the ability to enjoy a free, happy, and healthy life in a safe environment.

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Population Reference Bureau's World Population Datasheet 2012

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