Oneonta E.S.O.P.

Earth Sciences Outreach Program


College Credit for Advanced Courses in the Earth Sciences


The SUNY College at Oneonta is pleased to host E.S.O.P., the Oneonta Earth Sciences Outreach Program. Through ESOP, high school students that are enrolled in advanced courses in the Earth Sciences at their high schools may earn college credit from SUNY Oneonta. Begun in 2004, 11 schools across New York State are participating in ESOP. We are also entertaining proposals for ESOP participation from schools outside of New York State.

SUNY Oneonta recognizes that outstanding learning and teaching take place in advanced courses in the Earth Sciences in many high schools. These courses commonly meet or exceed the rigor of AP courses, however there are no AP courses in the Earth Sciences. Therefore, ESOP grants students the college credit that they have earned in such courses.

            Through ESOP, high school students enroll in courses at the SUNY College at Oneonta and earn credit for courses such as:



v GEOL 115 - Science of Natural Disasters

v GEOL 120 – Planet Earth (formerly Introduction to Geology)

v GEOL 150 - Introduction to Forensic Geology

v GEOL 182 - Water and the Blue Planet

v METR 110 – Introduction to Meteorology

v OCEA 110 – Introduction to Oceanography

v ESCI 100 – Introduction to the Earth

v ASTR 108 – Descriptive Astronomy

v ASTR 110 – Introductory Astronomy

v ASTR 115 – Big Bang: The Creation and Evolution of the Universe


If students decide to attend SUNY Oneonta, they have already earned credit for a course. If they decide to attend another college, they may apply for transfer credit for their ESOP course at whatever college they attend. Many ESOP courses also carry credit for the SUNY General Education 2000 requirement. This means that even if they attend a SUNY institution other than Oneonta, students will still have earned credit toward the General Education graduation requirement instituted by the SUNY Board of Trustees.

 Teachers - Learn more about ESOP - PowerPoint Presented at STANYS, 2005

Straight from the Students: ESOP at Mahopac High School - 2008


Teachers that wish to propose courses for ESOP credit should contact the ESOP Coordinator:


Dr. Todd Ellis

Earth Sciences Department

State University of New York, College at Oneonta

Oneonta, New York 13820-4015

(607) 436-2309

FAX: (607) 436-3547