Images for Introductory Class for ARTH 212

Chancel of San Vitale, Ravenna, first half of 6th century.


Royal Portals of Chartres Cathedral, c. 1140-1150. (Romanesque sculpture)


Catacomb painting of the Good Shepherd, 3rd century.

Apse Mosaic of Sta. Pudenziana, Rome, c. 400.

Icon of Christ from Mount Sinai, 6th century.

Chi Rho Page from the Book of Kells, late 8th or early 9th century.


Last Judgment Tympanum from St. Lazare at Autun, c. 1140.

Tympanum with the Last Judgment from the South Transept portals of Chartres Cathedral, c. 1220.



Reliquary of Ste. Foi, assembled in the 11th century. (Relics)



Cross of Lothair, early 10th century (Liturgical Objects)



Relic of the tunic of the Virgin from Chartres Cathedral.


Arm Reliquary.