Paris, Arsenal, MS 3479-3480: Legends of the Holy Grail: 3479: Merlin, Sir Lancelot of the Lake; 3480: Sir Lancelot of the Lake, The Quest of the Holy Grail, The Death of King Arthur. Ms. associated with a Burgundian account record listing a payment of 300 escus d'or on Feb. 21, 1407 (n.s.) to Jacques Rapondi. The Arsenal manuscript is apparently a twin to Paris, BN, fr. 117-20 which was sold to Jean de Berry in 1405 for 300 écus d'or by Regnault du Montet.  

Is the scribe of the rubric the Cleres femmes C Scribe?

p. 17: Gold ground foliate initial is by the Walters 265 Decorator

p. 43: with the gathering beginning on p. 36 there appears to be a break in decorators.

p. 54: 4th gathering: possible break in decorators again. (the vermillion in the dentelle initials is lighter than previous gathering) The pen line rinceaux is very close to the Cleres femmes F Decorator. Same decorator was responsible for the next gatherings: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10?(richer vermillion in dentelle initials; but there are no gold ground foliate initials to identify hand)

F Decorator possibly returns in gathering 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21. The vermilion in the dentelle initials returns to lighter color.


p. 109: Cleres femmes F Decorator.

p.155: Change in decorator. The vermilion is different from the Cleres femmes F Decorator.

p. 164: This decorator probably started in the previous gathering. Note the color of the vermilion in the dentelle initials. Possibly the same decorator as the third gathering.

p. 179:Cleres femmes F Decorator. ?? p. 186 fairly confidently F Decorator

p. 229: Cleres femmes F Decorator

p. 333: new decorator. Note the shift in the vermilion. Compare to the p. 43 decorator

p. 339:Ban, Bors, and their families: Marks the beginning of a new textual unit. Same decorator as p. 333 and p. 155. Looks like a break in scribes. Not the darker ink. The script looks smaller and more precise. Guide letters for the initials are now apparent adjacent to letters in this gathering.

p. 354: Catchword decoration. Similar catchwords appear on p. 368

With the gathering beginning p. 369, there might be another break in scribes. P. 369 begins a new text and the previous gathering is a short gathering. The script of gathering beginning on p. 369 does not have the same degree of marginal flourishes and decoration. The cw of this gathering does not have the decorative flourishes of the previous 2 gatherings.


p. 411: same decorator as p. 155.

p. 415. Possibly the Walters 265 decorator. Go over the attributions from p. 333.

p. 420

p. 427

p. 430: Check attribution. Is this by the Walters 265 decorator?

p. 432 Miniatures on p. 438, p.442: not illustrated.

Through f. 448, it is likely the decoration is by the Walters 265 decorator..

p. 449: begins new gathering and marks break in the decoration,

p. 583: probably by the Cleres femmes F Decorator

The F Decorator returns with p. 577 which could also be the beginning of a new textual unit. The vermilion returns to the ligher color found in F Decorator's work earlier in the ms.

p. 493: Compare to fr. 173 decorator

p. 606: Cleres femmes F Decorator

1 (1-16)8cw; 2 (17-32)8cw; 3 (33-48)8cw; 4 (49-64)8cw; 5 (65-80)8cw; 6 (81-96)8cw; 7 (97-112)8cw; 8 (113-128)8cw; 9 (129-144)8cw; 10 (145-154)5cw (end of textual unit); 11 (155-170)8cw; 12 (171-186)8cw; 13 (187-202)8cw (in this gathering there is a discrepancy between the pagination of the ms. and the pagination of the web page. The numbers I am using are from the ms.]; 14 (203-218)8cw(fun cw); 15 (219-234)8cw; 16 (235-250)8cw; 17 (251-266)8cw; 18 (267-282)8cw; 19 (283-300) 8cw (pagination skips p. 294 and 297); 20 (301-316)8cw; 21 (317-332) 8cw; 22 (333-338) 3cw (text end in the left column of p. 338. Right column blank. End of textual unit; 23 (339-354) 8cw; 24 (355-368)7 cw (possible end of textual unit. p. 369 introduces new text); 25 (369-384) 8cw (cw does not have the decorative flourishes of the previous two gatherings);26 (385-400) 8cw; 27 (401-416) 8cw; 28 (417-432) 8cw; 29 (433-448)8 cw;