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Cleres femmes B Decorator

Paris, Bibliothèque nationale, fr. 598: Boccaccio, Des cleres et nobles femmes.In February 1404, Jean de Berry received this copy from Jean de la Barre, receveur general des finances in Languedoc and Guyenne. Identified Collaborators:Scribes:(Cleres femmes Scribe A ; Cleres femmes Scribe B; Cleres femmes Scribe C; Decorators: Walters 231 Decorator;Cleres Femmes B Decorator; Cleres femmes C Decorator; Walters 232 Decorator (Cleres femmes D Decorator); fr. 242 Decorator (Cleres femmes E Decorator); Miniatures: Master of Berry's Cleres femmes.

f. 47: Text: Cleres femmes Scribe B; Running titles and rubrics: Cleres femmes Scribe A; Decorator: Cleres femmes B Decorator

f. 26v: paragraphs

Brussels, Bibliothèque royale, MS 9094: Bartholomeus Anglicus, Le Livre des propriétés des choses, c. 1401. Jacques Rapondi sold this manuscript to Philippe le Hardi for 400 escus on January 3, 1402. Identified Collaborators: Cleres femmes Scribe A, Cleres femmes B Decorator, fr. 242 Decorator (Cleres femmes E Decorator).

f. 10: Cleres femmes Scribe A; Cleres femmes B Decorator.

Vatican City, Bibl. Apostolica Vaticana, MS Reg. lat. 25: Bible Moralisée

Identified Collaborator: Walters 231 Decorator

See John Lowden, "The Bible Moralisée in the Fifteenth Century and the Challenge of the Bible Historiale," Journal of the Warburg and Courtauld Institutes, 68 (2005) pp. 73-136 esp. pp. 81-90. See fig. 8 (p. 87), f. 136v.

f. 47v

f. 136v