Marginal Matters

Cleres Femmes Scribe C

Paris, Bibliothèque nationale, fr. 12420: Boccaccio, Des cleres et nobles femmes; Colophon on f. 167v states that the translation was completed on September 12, 1401; on New Year's day of 1403, Jacques Rapondi presented this manuscript to Philippe le Hardi.  

f. 161

Paris, Bibliothèque nationale, fr. 598: Boccaccio, Des Cleres et nobles femmes Collaborators: Scribes:Cleres femmes Scribe A and Cleres Femmes Scribe B; Decorators: Walters 231 Decorator,

f. 118

Paris, Bibliothèque nationale, fr. 117  
These rubrics come close to Clere Femmes Scribe C. The text is by a different scribe.


Brussels, Bibliothèque royale, MS 9509  
Brussels, Bibliothèque royale, MS 9024-25  
Brussels, Bibliothèque royale, MS 9094  

f. 81v


Paris, Arsenal, MS 5057-58: Guiart des Moulins, Bible historiale: the ex libris of Jean de Berry was at one time visible on f. 571 v and the manuscript appears in the 1413 Berry inventory. Identified Collaborators:Cleres femmes Scribe C, Bible historiale Scribe; Walters 231 Decorator (Cleres femmes A Decorator), Cleres femmes B Decorator, fr. 242 Decorator (Cleres femmes E Decorator); majority of the miniatures are by the Master of Berry's Cleres femmes.

Arsenal, MS 5058, f. 300

Paris, Bibliothèque nationale, fr. 159  


Coronation of Saul: Cleres femmes Scribe C; Walters 231 Decorator; Miniature by the Coronation Master.

Vienna, Nationalbibliothek, MS 2537: Tristan, Romans de la table ronde et de la quête du Saint Graal  

f. 4, Cleres femmes Scribe C, Walters 231 Decorator, miniatures associated with the Master of Berry's Cleres femmes.

Scribe C has a distinctive catchword decoration. It can be found in the following catchwords: Brussels, BR, MS 9024-9025: f. 208v, f. 216v, f.224v, f. 232v, f. 240v, f. 248v, f. 256v, f. 264v, f. 272v, f.280v, f. 288v; MS 9025: f. 446v (152), f. 454v (160), f. 462v (168), f. 470v (176), f. 478v (184), f. 486v (192), f. 494v (200), f. 510v (216), f. 518v (224), f. 526v (532), f. 542v (248), f. 550v (256). Brussels, BR, MS 9094 : f. 84v. Brussels, BR, MS 9509: f. 67v, f. 75v, f. 83v, f. 91v, f. 99v, f. 107v, f. 115v, f. 131v. Paris, Bibliothèque de l'Arsenal, MS 5058: f. 347v, f. 355v, f. 363v, f. 371v, f. 379v, f. 387v, f. 395v, f. 403v, f. 411v, f. 419v, f. 427v, f. 435v, f. 443v, f. 451v, f. 459v, f. 467v, f. 475v, f. 483v, f. 491v, f. 499v, f. 507v, f. 515v, f. 531v, f. 539v, f. 547v, f. 563v. Paris, Bibliothèque nationale, MS fr. 159: f. 441v, f. 449v, f. 457v, f. 473v, f. 489v, f. 497v, f. 505v, f. 513v. Paris, Bibliothèque nationale, MS fr. 598: f. 118v, f. 126v, f. 134v, f. 135v. Paris, Bibliothèque nationale, MS fr. 12420: f. 129v, f. 143v, f. 151v, f. 159v.