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Paris, Bibliothèque nationale, fr. 174:

Saint Augustine, La cité de Dieu, translated by Raoul de Presles

f. 3r

See Walters 265 Decorator

f. 3r: detail

f. 3r, detail

f. 3v: detail

f. 25r

f. 25r, detail

(note change in paragraph marks. The break occurs with this folio which marks the beginining of a new gathering)

f. 42r, detail

(change in paragraph decoration between f. 42 and 43. It looks like the bifolio f. 42/47 are done by a different decorator from the rest of the gathering.)

The gathering from 57 to 64 has the same division with the miniature page bifolio (f. 57/64 being done by the decorator of the previous miniature pages and using his paragraph marks while the remaining leaves of the gathering have paragraph marks done by a different decorator.)

This division of labor with miniature page bifolia being given to a different specialist is the rule in the manuscript.