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New York, Morgan Library, M. 1044:

Gaston Phoebus, Livre de la Chasse

f. 2: Douce 144 Decorator.

f. 4

Like the Paris copy of the Livre de la Chasse, the decoration of the frontispiece was the work of two different decorators. The inside border is by a decorator who can be identified with the other pages in this gathering, while the outside border with its elaborate staff is by a different decorator who can be identified as the decorator responsible for the miniature borders of Douce 144.
Detail of the outside border of f. 4, showing the distinctive rinceaux decoration of the Douce 144 minature border artist.
Detail of the outside border of f. 4: Douce 144 Decorator
detail of the inside border of the frontispiece (folio 4). Compare this hand to that of the inside border of the frontispiece of the Paris manuscript.

F. 7 by Decorator A of M 1044. Also responsible for inside border of the frontisipiece. This decorator also responsible for: f. 10v, f. 11, 12 (?)

Decorator comes close to the Walters 265 Decorator

folio 10v

f. 12: The acanthus in the background comes close to the lush acanthus found in the borders of Douce 144.

f. 76, f 90v, f. 107r



f. 14: the decorator might be the Sallust Decorator. Acanthus background similar to f. 12. see also f. 66r, f. 100r

Unsure of the attibution of f. 15, 18

f. 18r and 20v by the same hand. 22v by the same hand as f. 15, 26v

f. 25v comes close to f. 14 F. 28r f. 31v, f. 36v, f. 38v, f. 42, f. 43v


f. 18v by the Douce 144 miniature border specialist. Also responsible for f. 27r, f. 28v, f. 37v, f 41r, f 44v, f. 45, f. 45v, f. 46v, f. 48r, f. 49r ?, f. 50, f. 53, f. 54, f. 54v, f. 55, f. 55v, f. 56v, f. 57r, f. 58r, f. 59r, f. 61r, f. 63r, f. 64r, f. 64v, f. 66r, f. 68r, f. 75v, f. 76r, f. 76v, f. 77v, f. 82r, f. 82v (good example), f. 83v, f. 88v, f. 90r, f. 90v, f.92, f. 97r, f. 97v, f. 98r, f. 99r, f. 99v, f. 100r, f. 100v, f. 102r, f. 103r, f. 103v, f. 104r, f. 104v, f. 105r, f. 105v, f. 106v, f. 107r, f. 107v, f. 108r, f. 108v, f. 109r, f. 109v, f. 111r


This decorator shared work on individual folios: he did f. 18v and f. 28v while different decorators did the rectos of the two leaves.

folio 20v: possibly Sallust Decorator
folio 22v: possibly Sallust Decorator
folio 26v: possibly Sallust Decorator
folio 27: Douce 144 Decorator
f. 31: Sallust Decorator ?
f. 38v: Sallust Decorator ?
f. 41v: Douce 144 Decorator
f. 42v: this decorator might be the Small dragon decorator of Nouv. acq. lat 3107
f. 43v: Sallust Decorator ?
f. 45v: Douce 144 decorator
f. 46v: Douce 144 Decorator
f. 49: Douce 144 Decorator
f. 50: Douce 144 Decorator
f. 56v: Douce 144 Decorator
f. 58: Douce 144 Decorator
f. 59: Douce 144 Decorator
f. 61: Douce 144 Decorator
f. 64: Douce 144 Decorator
f. 68: Douce 144 Decorator
f. 77v: Douce 144 Decorator
f. 79v: Douce 144 Decorator
f. 82v: Douce 144 Decorator
f. 83v: Douce 144 Decorator
f. 84v: Walters 232 Decorator Also responsible for: f. 86r, f. 91r (good dragon), f. 95r, f. 95v, f. 96r, f. 96v
f. 86: Walters 232 Decorator
f. 90v: Douce 144 Decorator
f. 91: Walters 232 Decorator
f. 92: Douce 144 Decorator
f. 96v: Walters 232 Decorator
f. 97: Douce 144 Decorator
f. 100v: Douce 144 Decorator
f. 102: Douce 144 Decorator
f. 103: Douce 144 Decorator
f. 107: Douce 144 Decorator
f. 108: Douce 144 Decorator
f. 111: Douce 144 Decorator