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This course involves doing discussions, library research and presenting oral and written reports on selected topics in chemistry


Class sessions (1 hour a week) are required, with cooperative teamwork  used extensively. Research reports, 2 hourly exams and a cumulative final exam are evaluated. Extra credit puzzles and problem sets are also given. The teams produce research reports, both oral and written, based on projects of their own choosing. Electronic mail (e-mail) and the Internet are used extensively.

are required. Students must obtain their usercode and password at http://helpdesk.oneonta.edu to access E-mail. Copies of prior tests, student papers and handouts are available in Milne Library for perusal or reproduction.


This course, with prerequisites of Junior or Senior standing and instructor permission, satisfies the liberal arts requirement for the Basic Curriculum (LA attribute); see your advisor. It is required for the chemistry major and the biochemistry track, and can be credited to the chemistry minor. You must attend 70% of the class meetings and pass the report evaluations to pass the course.

Absence from the first class session may result in dismissal from the course! Inform the instructor immediately if you have any problem attending. 

Emergency Evacuation/Shelter-in-Place Procedures
In the event of an emergency evacuation (i.e., fire or other emergency), classes meeting in this building are directed to
reassemble at Chase Gym so that all persons can be accounted for. Complete details of the emergency evacuation, shelter-in-place, and other emergency procedures can be found at http://www.oneonta.edu/security.

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Internet Resources

  • Links to most major search engines.
  • Lab Safety - MSDS lists and Contact Lenses
  • Search for properties and information on individual compounds
  • THE site for general lab procedures, but the videos take forever to load
  • and THE site for links to all types of chemical education resources
  • If that is not enough, try the Journal of Chemical Education reviews for more links
  • The Internet Science Room from an OK high school with lots of links to news, etc.
  • A UK site with free Computer Aided Instruction software to download
  • Aussie science news site called NOVA - interesting and current
  • Our own Dr. Pence has a page on chemistry careers, but it is useful for all job hunters
  • Information on Natural Polymers like cellulose, starch, etc.
  • A chemist's art gallery with tons of neat images

  • If you have questions or comments, write the:

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