Undergraduate Seminar
Chemistry 398
(CRN 918)
Class, Test Schedule (Room: PSci 229 - M 4:00 PM) Fall, 2010
Instructor: Dr. Terry L. Helser Office: PS 227 Phone: 607-436-3518 
E-mail To: HELSERTL@oneonta.edu.
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Catalog Description: This course involves discussions, library research and presenting oral and written reports on student-selected topics in chemistry. Whenever possible topics of current interest are discussed. This course is required for the chemistry major and the biochemistry track, and can be credited to the chemistry minor. (LA) Prerequisite: JrS or SrS with instructor permission.

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Month & Days       Study Topic 
Reading Assignment
I. Resume' and Grant Writing  
August 30
Introduction, Co-op Class
September 6
Industrial and Academic Resume'
find Job/School Application by Th 9/9
M. Munson, Career Counselor, Career Development Presentation
Draft Resume' due 9/13 on eMail
Peer Review of Resume's
Final Resume' due 9/24
K. Meeker, Writing Grant Applications

Grant Application Form

Oct. 4
Graduate School Workshop
IRC 3 from 3:30-5pm. Students MUST sign up in the Career Development Center as seating is limited
October 11
Review Grant Applications

Draft Applications

Guidelines for Funding

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Month & Days
II. Journal Articles
Reading Assignment 
October 18
Review Grant Applications
Dr. U. Schroeder, Rochester Univ., "Energy Futures"
November 1
Critique Dr. Schroeder's Talk
Submit Final Grant Application
November 8
Evaluate Research Report Examples
Research Paper Topic

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Month & Days
III. Oral Research Reports
Reading Assignment 
November 15
Dr. Ephraim Woods, Colgate U. "Sea Spray"
Draft Research Paper
Thanksgiving Vacation - No Classes
via email
Critique Dr. Woods' Talk
Submit Research Paper
 December 6
Criteria for Oral Reports, Practice
December 11
20 min. Oral Reports (Saturday, PSci room 229,
 2 -5:30 PM)

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100 pts.
Scale: 90-100% A
Grant Proposal
100 pts.
80-89% B
Research Paper
100 pts.
70-79% C
Oral Presentation
100 pts.
60-69% D
Total: 400 pts.
0-59% E

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Grading Policies:
 Your point total for each part of a project will be divided by the total possible for a % of 100 points. Each project is worth a maximum of 100 points of your total grade.
Final reports must be typed, spaced >1.5 lines, and signed by all group members. They must contain an objective, introduction, procedure (flow diagram), safety notes, results (an essay w/ tables, plots), and discussion/conclusion sections. One point /day will be subtracted for reports submitted after due dates.
Oral reports are awarded 100 points for the depth and breadth of the research surveyed, and the individual's stage presence, poise and participation. Generally, the score is an average of the evaluations from audience members and the instructor. Copies of the printed grading form will be available in the class.

 You must score 60% on evaluations to pass the course. If you miss more than 1/3 of the classes, you will earn an E for the course, no matter what your project scores total. Plagiarism (see your Handbook ) will not be tolerated.
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Seminar, CHEM 398 Information
If you must miss a class or group meeting, you must inform your group and instructor. Your group should decide on how you can repay your responsibilities to the group. Options might be to do extra library research, proposal or report writing, computer searches or whatever the group decides is adequate repayment for the loss of your participation. If the group decides your excuse was not valid, they may consider a loss of credit as appropriate punishment, and should so inform you and the instructor.
Penalties, generally -1 point a day for reports which are late, will be assessed against the primary author of that report.

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