Joseph Michael Pignato, Professor at the State University of New York, Oneonta, is a composer, musician, and music education scholar.


Pignato composes music for improvising ensembles. His scores blend traditional notation and graphic symbols with the intent of eliciting idiosyncratic interpretations of his work. Recent pieces exploit distributed computing and web-based communications to link performers working in disparate locations.


He leads Bright Dog Red, an improvising quintet, that fuses free improvisation, electronica, jazz, hip hop, psychedelia, and noise music.


Working under the moniker u.joe, Pignato produces live drum tracks for DJs, producers, MCs, and remix artists.



He uses Taye Drums, T-Cymbals, Boso Drumsticks, and Dynaton Drumheads





contact j.pignato [at] oneonta.edu


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