A R T I S T' S S T A T E M E N T

The Urban Fragments (2009-2010) painting series examines change and flux when urban environments experience loss. Many of the paintings are remembrances, my meditations of Detroit. Some images invoke billboard image remnants, architecture, and the way natural forces impose upon change and neglect. Non-representational abstractions show visual fragments and cues. The encaustic medium helps to describe passages of time and layers of visual history. Paint layers, objects, and drawing remnants are derived intuitively. Also, Urban Fragments fuses drawing remnants (from my Foliage and Still Life series) with the encaustic medium. The work combines refined lyricism with funkiness, and emphasize the paintings as objects with physical depth of colors and surfaces.    I want the paintings to convey solid forms and shapes that are diaphanous and luminous. This series promotes colors that are pared down to vibrant essentials. While some colors are mixed and layered, others are blunt and vivid.

The 2008 drawing designs focused on re-inventions, and improvisations, by combining fragments of other drawn images. Many of the drawings are part of the still life tradition (using a collection of various objects from the home environment: glass, patterned structures, cloth, metal surfaces, ropes, and woven structures), and nature (foliage and various plant life forms). Geometric spatial constructs helped to build the compositions and feed my intuitive approach of working. The dominant medium for this series is pen and ink, with some mixed materials.

My upcoming trip to Krasnoyarsk in Russia next year will provide an opportunity for me to work on another drawing series. I look forward to coming up with new images, more color, and new means to juxtapose collaged drawing layers. The last series focused on single drawing compositions. This time, I plan to design large wall installations of drawings that are composed of panels of large sheets of paper.



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