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Purchase a portable Hard drive or A Large USB Drive (32GB or higher) as well as a notebook for code notes!

Buy your own portable hard drive/ USB thumb drive and save your work in it. DO NOT USE THE SCHOOL FILE SERVERS, OR THE LOCAL COMPUTER TO SAVE YOUR WORK. If you choose to ignore this requirement, remember: you are responsible if your work is lost. Back up your work daily! You can pick up a USB 3.0 hard drive/USB online, or locally at Wal-Mart or Officemax.
Example:. Western Digital External Hard Drive

If you own your own portable computer with Dreamweaver and Photoshop CS5 you may bring it to class and do all your work on it.

Our course is entirely online so buy a notebook to keep track of code we cover.

TEXT and WEbsite for studying:

This will explain all of the different code elements we will be using this semester. Use this as a reference as we start to develop our sites.

How to submit your work for grading (Critiques)

I Please follow these simple instructions to submit your work. Create one simple html page and save it as "projects.html" in the root level of your web directory (we'll call this your "Projects Page"). The "Projects Page" should contain a list of text links that take me to each completed project you have finished. Please include your full name, your email address, and the semester on top of this page.

  1. Email me the URL to your "Projects Page" by the deadline (check the class calendar)

    Click here to email John
    Subject: CART206-01 and your lastname
    Body: your URL

    NOTE: After you email me the URL to your "projects page" in the beginning of the semester, there is no need to email me every time you finish a project. Simply add a link to this page an I can find it. I check your assignments through this Projects Page often throughtout the semester, and I grade your work after the due dates. If your work is not linked from our Projects Page by the due date, it will be considered a "late" project.

    Make sure the Project Page links represent the assignments in numerical order, and that are appropriately labeled.

Please TEST your pages to make sure that they are working properly on a browser. I use these links to grade your work.


Critiques are a valuable part of the studio experience. Think of them as exams, and don't miss any critiques during the semester. A critique is an oral presentation of your work..

Our critiques have several purposes. First, they allow you to gain experience with organizing and verbalizing your thoughts regarding your work. They also allow you to gather valuable feedback from your professor and your peers on how your work is perceived, and how it can be improved.

After each critique, I take the time to evaluate what I consider to be the finished projects and I assign a grade based on the quality of the work. What you say in the critique also gives me a good insight into your thought pattern. It is possible to devalue your work in my mind with a sloppy presentation, and it is possible that you can elevate the value of your work with a professional and methodic presentation.

Since critique time is finite and to ensure that each student gets a fair chance to present their project, we will start the critiques as soon as the class starts. This means you will not have time to work on your project during critique time, and it also means that I can't help you if you come up with last minute problems.

Please keep your presentation under five minutes. Prepare a written statement if this would help, and/or practice before the critique with a friend to ensure that your presentation is concise, precise, and efficient in delivering your message.

Reworked assignments

If you go back to improve an assignment after a critique, save the improved version in a different folder in your web structure. Re-working and improving old assignments is allowed throughout the semester. The deadline to submit all improved assignments is the last class of the semester.

(I need to see both the original and the improved assignment if you want me to re-evaluate it.)

How to submit your work For the Final Critique

In addition to linking all your finished assignments from your "Projects" web page, you need to submit a portfolio with all the work done during the semeter. Best way to do this is to submit your entire www folder either by uploading it to my Dropbox, or by buringing a disk.

If you decide to submit a disk, label it with: Year, Semester, Class, your name, assignment numbers contained, and submit it on the due date.

Submit this portfolio at the end of our final critique.


Don't use images you download from the web without permission. Get used to creating designs that don't rely on other artists' work. Only Royalty Free or images you have permission to use will be accepted as part of your designs.


Email me the URL to your "Projects Page" by the deadline (check the class calendar)
Click here to email John
Subject: CART206-01 (or 206-81) yourlastname
Body: your URL