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Brussels, Bibliothèque Royale,

MS 9509

f. 3: Boccaccio presents his work to Andrea Acciaiouli

f. 7: Eve

f. 8v: Text written by Cleres femmes Scribe A; Rubric by Cleres femmes Scribe B


f. 9: Semiramis

f. 12v: Juno

f. 15: Minerva

f. 16v: Venus

f. 21v

f. 27v: Medea

f. 37: Nicostrata

f. 43: Wives of Minyans

f. 49v: Cleres femmes Scribe B; Cleres femmes F Decorator

f. 49v: Helen of Troy


Division of labor in the decoration of BR 9509