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A Field Course to Guatemala, Summer Session One, 2014

New Course --
ENVS, GEOG, GEOL 394: Water and the Environment of Guatemala
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Exploring a church that was bombed out during the Sandinista Revolution in Nicaragua.

 As an Environmental Geographer, I am deeply passionate about learning and teaching.  While I teach a variety of courses, such as environmental issues, water resources, and biogeography, a recurring, if not central theme, to all my classes is how humans interact with and alter the natural environment.  My research interest focuses on landscape-wide environmental change.   It is the “big picture” of how nature works as a system rather than its individual elements.  Research projects have ranged from Alaska and Oregon studying glaciers and wetlands to Tibet investigating deforestation and flooding to Siberia examining the effects of mega-dams on rivers. 

Email address:  tracy.allen@oneonta.edu 

Tracy H. Allen, Ph.D.
Department of Geography Chair
Associate Professor of
Geography and Environmental
Sciences Program
Milne Library Office 317B
State University of New York
Oneonta, New York 13820

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 Academic Interests

 Biogeography of a Diverse Planet

 New Island Greenway Research Link

Environmental Issues

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Sustainable Development in Developing Countries

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Introduction to Geography

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Regional Climatology

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Physical Geography of the Global Environment

Personal Interests

Personal Interests

Water Resources
Whitewater Kyaking

 Cultures & Environments Field Series:
Brazil,   Costa Rica,  Mexico, Spain/Morocco, Britain/Ireland, Greece/Turkey, Australia, New Zealand, Spain France and Italy...

New Course: Water and the Environment of Guatemala

Personal Interests ( And More...updated Click Here) Nice Surfing Kayak Video Click Here
(backpacking, trekking, white water canoeing and kayaking, climbing, touring pictures from around the world)

Volcano walk and talk - Teaching about the origins of Earth from the famous Salisbury Crags, Scotland

Teaching about air pollution in
Mexico City

Tropical rainforest biodiversity nature walk, Costa Rica

 Geomorphology lecture overlooking the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Teaching local Tibetans via pictures to protect their forest, Tibet

Teaching about ice ablation, Bering Glacier Alaska

Leading students to march on Washington DC to protest drilling in the Arctic

Hands-on Learning - Students studying in the field, at home, and abroad.  Click each thumbnail for a larger picture.

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