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Terry L. HELSER, Ph.D.
Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry
S.U.N.Y. College at Oneonta,
Oneonta, N.Y. 13820-4015
Phone: (607)436-3518, or -3193; 
Fax: (607)436-2654 
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My home address is 706 Middlefield Road, Schenevus , N.Y. 12155-3511 (Phone: (607)638-9885) Email to: HELSERTL@oneonta.edu. I joined the Chemistry Department in September 1980, and was promoted to Associate Professor in 1989 and Professor in 1999. I was elected Chairman for the 2000-01 year and from 2004-2007. 

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Education B.A. with Honors in Chemistry, Manchester College, N. Manchester, IN, 6/67 

Ph.D. in Biochemistry, University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI, 1/72; studied aminoglycoside antibiotic resistance in E. coli with Dr. Julian E. Davies (see publications

Postdoctoral Training

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  • Editorial consultant on textbooks for Addison Wesley (97,96), Brooks/ Cole (95,96), J. Wiley (97,93-94), Wm. C. Brown (94,95,96), Worth (95) and West (93,95) publishers 
  • Sabbatic, 9/86-8/87 at U. of N. Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC with Dr. Howard Fried , studying ribosome export from the nucleus in X. laevis oocytes. 
  • NSF Fellow, 5-9/84 at SUNY @ Albany, NY with Dr. Richard Zitomer , studying transcriptional control for the CYC7 gene in yeast. 
  • Visiting Professor, 5-9/80 at Hershey Medical Center, Pennsylvania State U. with Dr. Anita K. Hopper, studying rna gene mutations in yeast.
  • Assistant Professor of Biology at Millersville State College, PA from 9/77-8/80. 
  • My numerous word and rebus puzzles have been published in Chem Matters, J. Chem. Educ. and other journals (see publications ).

    I have presented general and professional programs at local (Faculty Research Show (01,02 & 04), MUG ONE, The Oneonta Chapter of Sigma Xi, Educators' Open House, Career Day, SUNY Cobleskill, Hartwick College, and SUNY Delhi) and national (Biennial Conference on Chemical Education, Conference on Instructional Technology, etc.) venues. Examples of conferences I attended are the A.S.M. Ribosome meeting, American Chemical Society and Sigma Xi conventions, and Cornell Biotechnology and Leermaker Symposia. I have attended other workshops on "Co-operative Chemistry Labs" at Clemson University, "BioQUEST®" at Beloit College, and "Writing to Learn" at SUNY Oneonta.

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    Membership in Professional Societies

    My memberships include The American Chemical Society since 1994, The American Society for Microbiology from 1972-98,The American Association for the Advancement of Science since 1977, Sigma Xi , The Scientific Research Society, since 1980, The New York Academy of Science, 1980-90, Text & Academic Authors Assn., Inc. 1996-98, and teachers' unions like UUP, NYSUT, etc. 

    $ symbol Grants

    Among my successful awards were faculty development funding in 2008, three W.B. Ford Grants from SUNY @ Oneonta in 2000, 1994 and 1989, a N.S.F. Science Faculty P.D.P. Grant for research at SUNY @ Albany in 1984, a Research Corp. Cottrell Grant in 1982-84, a SUNY Faculty Research Fellowship in 1981, another N.S.F. Science Faculty P.D.P. Grant to work at Penn. State U., Hershey in 1980, and an Academic Research Grant from Millersville State Univ. in 1978.


    School House Image Teaching

    Currently, I am retired, effective July 1, 2011, and looking forward to moving to MD to be more involved in my grandchildren's lives. Someone has to teach them to catch fish.
    formerly, I taught Undergraduate Seminar one Fall, Introductory Biochemistry class and lab every semester and Biochemistry II , Spring semester for science majors. I also taught Chemistry for Everyday Life class and/or labs, Introductory GOB Chemistry and General Chemistry 111-112 labs as needed. I also taught Biotechnology class and labs Spring semesters (teamed with Biology Dept. and Columbia Univ. faculty), First Year Seminar one Fall and General Biology while at Millersville State University. 
    My recent efforts were to introduce active, cooperative techniques into both class and the lab (see publications ). I converted my labs to a "discovery" format, more like science is actually done, and removed the cookbook. 

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    Administrative Service

    This leads into community service.

    Fisherman Cartoon Hobbies

    For relaxation, I fish for bass and bow hunt the 4 ft. grass carp in my pond. With 15 acres of forest to manage, I mostly cut timber, clear brush and mow meadows. I paint and repair the house, bake cookies and breads (Most of my experiments are edible.), and read. My preferences are mysteries and science fiction, or better yet a sci fi mystery. Favorite authors: Anne McCaffrey, David Brin, Isaac Asimov and Tom Clancy. Now of course there is Harry Potter. I hope to get back to this now that I will have the time (I hope).

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    For more information, please contact 
    Dr. W. Lawrence Armstrong 
    Phone: 607-436-3193
    (Email: ARMSTRWL @oneonta.edu)
    Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry, 
    S.U.N.Y. College @ Oneonta
    Oneonta, NY 13820-4015
    Dr. Kelly Gallagher 
    Phone: 607-436-3179
    (Email: PENCEHE @oneonta.edu)
    Assistant Professor,
    Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry, 
    S.U.N.Y. College @ Oneonta, 
    Oneonta, NY 13820-4015
    Dr. William J. Pietraface 
    Phone: 607-436-3061
    (Email: PIETRAWJ @oneonta.edu)
    Professor and Chairman, emeritus
    Department of Biology, 
    S.U.N.Y. College @ Oneonta, 
    Oneonta, NY 13820-4015
    Dr. Howard M. Fried 
    Phone: 919-962-0118
    (Email: REFRIED @email.unc.edu)
    Department of Biochemistry, 
    Univ. of North Carolina, 
    Chapel Hill, NC 27514-7260
    Dr. Richard Zitomer 
    Phone: 518-442-4384 
    (Email: RZ144 @cnsvax.albany.edu)
    Department of Biological Sciences, 
    S.U.N.Y. @ Albany, 
    Albany, NY 12222
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