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Study Guide - Biochemistry, The Molecular Basis of Life, 4th Ed., 2009, T. & J.R. McKee (Oxford Univ. Press)
Chapter 17: Nucleic Acids

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The SECRET OF LIFE is its ability to reproduce = HEREDITY
Chemical Basis of heredity = NUCLEIC ACIDS
Who 1st isolated "Nuclein" from Pus, then Salmon Sperm? When?

What are the two forms of nucleic acids called? What is the major function of each?

How do we know that DNA = Gene?

What is the basic subunit of NAs? Nucleo _______
Their 3 parts are: a ________, a _______ (-NH2), and a ___________ (acid) group.

How does a Nucleoside differ from a Nucleotide?

Give the acronyms and full names of the two kinds of nucleic acid. What does the name tell you about the structure? How do they differ?

How many phosphate residues are present in AMP, ADP & ATP? Where are they?

How many bases are found in NAs? Which nucleic acid bases are purines, and which pyrimidines? Which are found in DNA and which in RNA?

How is 5-methyl uracil different from 5'-methyl uridine?

How are nucleotides used to make RNAs and DNAs?

What would the quantities of each base be if the tetranucleotide hypothesis were correct? What are Chargaff's Rules?

What were Rosalind Franklin's and Watson and Crick's contributions to nucleic acid structure?

DNA is an Informational Macromolecule.

What are the three major RNAs produced and their functions in cells? (see p. 591ff)
What are restriction endonucleases, sticky ends , recombinant DNA (rtDNA) and genetic engineering? (See Supplement 17.1) 

Read Biochemical Connections : pp. 220, 230,
End of chapter review questions: 1., 2., 4.-15., 17.-22., 27. 31., 34.-50. 

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