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Dr. Florian Reyda

Who is he?

Having completed his M.S. at the University of Nebraska and his Ph.D. at the University of Connecticut, Dr. Reyda joined the Oneonta faculty in 2008. He teaches upper-level elective courses in zoology, including parasitology and invertebrate zoology, as well as a field course in Peru, a graduate-level systematics course, and lectures or labs in general biology II. Dr. Reyda spends half of his time during semesters, and full time during summers conducting research with undergraduate students at the SUNY Oneonta Biological Field Station near Cooperstown, New York.

His fish parasite laboratory focuses on two different host-parasite systems. The first focuses on freshwater fish parasites in North America, with an emphasis on the fishes of Otsego Lake and nearby water bodies. Current studies in this system include the discovery and description of a new species of fish nematode as well as studies of fish tapeworms and digenetic trematodes of snails and fish. The second host-parasite system Reyda and his students study are the tapeworms (cestodes) of stingrays. Recent efforts include descriptions of new species of tapeworms from stingrays from Borneo, as well as continued studies of stingray tapeworms in South America. Research in both host-parasite systems exposes students to the techniques involved in modern taxonomic work, including light microscopy, scientific illustration, scanning electron microscopy, and DNA sequencing.


Biol 181- BIOL II: Ecology & Evolution, Biol 321- Tropical Biology Field course (in Peru, springs even years), Biol 342- Invertebrate Zoology (falls, even years), Biol 346- Parasitology (falls, odd years),


120 Science 1, 607-436-3719,