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On this page you will find a description of the class as well as some links to important information and useful resources. Please take a moment and look around.

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The goal of this class is to better prepare the student for the challenges that face an up-and-coming band and are often overlooked and only learned “The Hard Way,” through on the job experience.

At the beginning of the semester you will be split up into bands and assigned rehearsal times. Each week you will get 1 hour to rehearse your set, which is determined by both the band and the instructor who is working with you as your "producer." You are expected to show up to rehearsal knowing your parts and ready to play. Repeat, rehearsal time is NOT to be used to learn your parts. To aid you in this, you will learn to write and use your own charts for each tune you intend to play. Throughout the semester, each band will put on several shows, some of which we will book for you, some you must book and put on completely by yourselves.


Though this IS a performance class, much of it, including the majority of your grade, focuses on everything but the actual performance. We are concerned with teaching you everything that must lead up to and surround the performance to make your band a success. There is MUCH more to being a successful, working band than being able to play well (though that IS, an important element).

You should also take advantage of the Networking opportunities that this class affords. Please get to know not only your band mates, but all the musicians in this class and throughout our department. A great way to do this is to join our discussion forums. Also check out our Musician Directory , a list of players willing to make themselves available for projects or as subs. Feel free to join if you're interested.


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