CHEMISTRY 112                                                          SECTION 4                                                      

Spring 2015                                                                


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Chapter 10: Gases

Sections 10.1 and 10.2

Sections 10.3 and 10.4

Section 10.5

Sections 10.1 – 2

Sections 10.3 – 4

Section 10.5

Chapter 5: Thermochemistry

Sections 5.1 and 5.2

Section 5.3

Sections 5.4 – 5.6

Sections 5.1 and 5.2

Section 5.3

Sections 5.4 – 5.6

Recorded lecture 2-3


Chapter 19: Entropy and Free Energy

Chapter 19 All

Sections 19.1-2

Section 19.3

Chapter 14: Kinetics

Sections 14.1 and 2

Sections 14-3 and 14.4

Section 14.5

Section 14.6

Sections 14.1-2

Sections 14.3-4

Section 14.5

Section 14.6

Plotting Kinetic Data with Excel


Chapter 15: Equilibria

Sections 15.1 and 2

Section 15.3

Section 15.4

Section 15.4 Lecture Makeup

Sections 15.1-2

Section 15.3

Section 15.4

Section 15.4 Lecture Makeup

Chapter 19: Thermodynamics and Equilibria

Section 19.3: Free Energy and Equilibria

Section 19.3: Free Energy and Equilibria


Chapter 16: Acid-Base Equilibria

Sections 16.1-2

Chapter 16.3-6

Sections 16.1-2

Sections 16.3-6


Chapter 17: Buffers and Titrations

Chapter 17 All

A-B Reactions/Buffers

Buffers and Buffer pH

Buffer pH/pH Titration

pH Titration/Alpha Plot

Alpha Plots/Prep. Buffer

Chapter 17

Chapter 18: Solubility Equilibria

Sections 18.1-2

Section 18.1-2

Section 18.3

Chapter 20: Electrochemistry


Section 20.1






Equation Solver: Wolfram Alpha

Example to try: (0.0768+x)/((.03-x)(.0232-x))=142    solve for x


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  Special Lecture Recordings

Determining Delta H of Vaporization from Vapor Pressure and Temperature



Other Downloads

         Periodic Table

         Review: Orbitals and Electron Configurations

         Review: Periodic Properties of the Elements




         Chapter 8 Review

         Covalent and Ionic Bonding

         Valence Electrons and Lewis Structures

         How to Draw Lewis Structures

         Trends in Properties of Bonds

         Resonance, Oxidation Numbers and Formal Charge

         Lewis Structure Examples

         Valence Electrons and Molecular Structure

         Molecular Structures

         How to Determine Molecular Structure

         Table of Molecular Structures

         Model Building Worksheet (for Plastic Models)

Molecular Structure and Polarity


         Chapter 9 Review

         Valence Bond Theory: Handout 1

Hybrid Orbitals Handout

Hybrid Orbitals and Pi Bonding

Hybrid Orbitals: Expanded Valence

Molecular Orbitals Handout

Another Molecular Orbitals Handout

Band Theory Handout


Chapter 10 Review

Gas Laws Handout

Gas Law Examples

Kinetic Molecular Theory Handout


Chapter 18 Entropy and Free Energy

Entropy Handout

Thermo Data Tables for Class


Chapter 11 IMFs, Liquids and Solids

Band Theory and Metallic Bonding


Compounds and IMFs

Hydrogen Bonding


Chapter 12 Solids


Unit Cell Types

Unit Cells and Compound Formulas


Chapter 13 Solutions

Factors Affecting Solubility

Water and Oil

Soap Movie

Protein Folding



Chapter 14 Kinetics

Rate Laws and Concentration-Time Equations

Determining Rate Laws: Initial Rates

Graphical Method for Finding a Rate Law

Concentration-Time Relationships


Arrhenius Equation

Reaction Coordinate Diagrams

Reaction Mechanism Examples

More Reaction Mechanism Examples

Bleaching of Green Food Dye


Chapter 15 Equilibrium
Equilibrium Handout 1: Microscopic Reversibility

Equilibrium Handout 2: Equilibrium Constant Expressions

Equilibrium Handout 3: Concentration-Time Curves and K

LeChatelier’s Principle


Chapter 16 Acid-Base Chemistry I

Acid-Base Equilibria

Acid-Base Examples

Acid-Base Table/Acid Strength and Molecular Structure

Lewis Acids and Bases


Chapter 17 Acid-Base Chemistry II

Titration Curves and Alpha Plots

Acid-Base States of Glycine

Buffer Solutions

Buffer pH


Chapter 18 Solubility and Complexation Equilibria

Solubility and Complexation Equilibira Examples



Spectroscopy Materials

IR/NMR Website        

         IR Table and Spectra

Mass Spectra Examples

NMR Table and Spectra